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support for TMS320LF2407A


I am using the CCS ver5 to work with my new stellaris uC.

I have an old HW which is based on the the TMS320LF2407A uC , and i am working on it with a station comprises CCS ver3.3 and a SPI515 J-Tag emulator by Spectrum digital.

My questions areas follow:

  1. Is there a possibility to work only with the CCS ver5 for both uC's?
  2. Does the CCS ver5 supports the SPI515?

Thank you.


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    Sorry, CCSv5 does not support the F24x family of devices.

    As for the SPI515, its page says it supports CCSv4, therefore there is a slim chance it also works with CCSv5 (the device drivers are similar) by using the connection Spectrum Digital XDS510 Parallel Port-PCI emulator in the target configuration editor.

    Keep in mind that you will need to purchase a full license to properly use this emulator in CCSv5 (the free license can only be used for XDS100 emulators, simulators and development boards).

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    Hello Rafael,

    thank you for your help.