Using CCSv2 CG Tools through CCSv5


I'm trying to build projects meant for CCSv2 by using CCSv5 (using CCSv2 CG tools) due to some compatibility issues concerning Windows7.

I have exported a project makefile using CCSv2 so far, but right now, I'm not able to create a new CCSv5 project in which I could build this project.

I tried this command:

eclipsec –noSplash -data "C:\Workspace" -application com.ti.ccstudio.apps.projectCreate test_project -ccs.device com.ti.ccstudio.deviceModel.C5500.GenericC55xxDevice -ccs.autoGenerateMakefiles false -ccs.makefileName "Portatil.mak"

that generated a "Standard Make project". Then I used the 'Project -> Import existing CCS Eclipse Project' to open it and imported the project files into it (and copied the makefile in its ROOT).

After that, if I hit the 'Build' button I get the next error message:

C:\ti\ccsv5\utils\bin\gmake -k all

Cannot run program "C:\ti\ccsv5\utils\bin\gmake": El nombre del directorio no es válido. (File name not valid)

Error: Program "C:/ti/ccsv5/utils/bin/gmake" is not found in PATH

Can anybody tell me what am I doing wrong?

I will appreciate every help.


  • Gonzalo,

    The issue with the project is properly finding gmake (did you install CCS in the C:\ti?), but I can't necessarily tell why from the information provided.

    However, one thing I would try is to create your project from the CCSv5 GUI instead - you can follow the steps on section 3.2.2 of this wiki page. Although it talks about Linux, it shows how to create a pure makefile project located on the directory where your makefile and your source code is located. 

    After creating the project, you can right-click on it and select Properties --> C/C++ Build --> uncheck the box Use the default Build command and type toe correct placement for the gmake utility

    C:\ti\ccsv5\utils\bin\gmake -j ${NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS}

    The -j ${NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS} is optional, but will use all cores of your PC if you have them.

    Also, keep in mind to adjust the path to the gmake utility if you installed CCS in a different directory.

    Hope this helps,


  • In reply to desouza:

    Hi Rafael,

    thank you for your answer, using the CCSv5 GUI I managed to make it work, but the location of gmake was not the actual problem. I didn't use the makefile as parameter when I called gmake, so this is the way it should be done:

    Build command: gmake -f Makefile.mak -j $(NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS)

    Thanks again,