• Resolved

"Add global variables" greyed out, CSS5.2


cannot add global variables, as the button is disabled and also when right clicking in the view. I also found a topic suggesting a right click in the expressions view. this doesn't help either.

Please help.


  • Varaibles view does not have 'add global variables' enabled (both toolbar button and right click context menu). We have a bug trakcing this.

    The 'add global variables' in Expression View should work though, did you find the context menu item enabled? Do you have a debug session running? Do you have program or symbols loaded? If you are using latest 5.2, you should be able to add global symbols from the context menu' like screenshots below.  Perhaps, you can tell us more specific, whether you see the context menu item in the expression view enabled, whether you can click on it and see the dialog (screen shot 2) appears?

    screenshot 2