Starting questions on CCS5, StarterWare project creation


I am attempting to basically re-create one of the example StarterWare projects - the enetEcho example in CCS5.  I get to the point of linking, then a bunch of symbols are not found.  From Project Explorer, the projects look almost identical, Includes listed, paths etc.  I do notice that some basic settings are different  - the menu in Project>Properties lists ARM instead of TMS470 (I am targeting the Beaglebone).

Anyhow, I started to just link to all the source files necessary and have removed most of the link issues (unresolved symbols).  My question then is - is this the proper way to build a project that is not an example?  I am ending up with all the starterware source files listed in my project, and hence this looks nothing like the enetEcho example.  I have played around with all the path and project settings I can find to no avail.  Is there some common place to have the linker find the starterware object files or something?