CCS5.3 new install

I just installed CCS 5.3.

To test it out, I thought I would use a project that I have been working on in the past. This project is described at "". I wanted to have two instances of it side by side for comparison. I created the project following the same instructions, so the two setups are identical. During the build it gave me errors I have never seen before:

These refer to unresolved symbols like " __TI_decompress_none" and similar things. The warnings give a hint for the cause: "D:\ti\ccsv5\tools\compiler\msp430_4.1.1\lib\rts430x_lc_ld_eabi.lib" was not found. The next warning says that it is automatically building this library but when I go to the folder I don't see a file with that name:

So it did not create the library after all, or it created it and then deleted it. I any case, it does not show in file manager.

I looked at my project properties to make sure that the run time support setting is correct, and it seems it is:

What's going on here?

Thanks, Shanyi.

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