Trying to program the internal flash mem in a ezdsp tms320lf2407A

Hi. I know the ezdsp tms320lf2407A is rather an old product, but precisely it is the kind of board I have at the reach of my hand. I've developed a project using the original CCS version that came with the product, debugging it from the RAM. Now I wish to put my code inside the CHIP to run it in standalone mode, in MC mode. The thing is that I've been searching the web, TI's site, SD site, etc., and I haven't found the proper information and/or software to do this. I found all the stuff about SDFlash, but I'm nearly sure that this programmer, in it's original form, cannot program the Flash. I found out that a plug-in for CCS does exist, but I couldn't find it. I think that the required plug-in is: TMS320LF24xx Flash Programmer 1.1.01 Texas Instruments, but so far it has been impossible to me to find it. Can anyone assist me?

Another thing: what changes should be done in the project to make it run  from the Flash? Consider that so far it has been running from the on-board RAM.

Any assistance you can provide me will be highly appreciated.

Thank you,