• Resolved

CCS 5.3 missing a couple files / tools?

I was upgrading from Version: to  Version: and I can't find a couple of files I use for the post build step to create a .bin file.  The files I used were  ofd470.exe and hex470.exe.  My post build step was: "${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/tiobj2bin.bat" "${BuildArtifactFileName}" "App_GCB_vXX.bxxxxx_.bin" "${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/ofd470.exe" "${CG_TOOL_ROOT}/bin/hex470.exe" "${CCS_INSTALL_ROOT}/utils/tiobj2bin/mkhex4bin.exe"

Did I install 5.3 wrong or is there a different way I should create the .bin file now?