• Resolved

Debugging with SD XDS560V2

I have XDS560V2 connected to a new board that uses TMS320VC5416 DSP. The .out file for this board builds OK with CCSv5. The board is configured for host port boot. I can download the .out file via the host port and it runs OK (except for some details that I am now trying to debug). For detailed debugging I want to load the same .out file via JTAG using Spectrum Digital XDS560V2. On connecting the emulator to the board, all diagnostics can be run OK, and the SD Sd560v2Cnfg v5 utility can run all tests OK. When I try to debug via CCSv5 there are always errors reported in program verification. It appears that none of my actual .out file is being loaded via the emulator. ANy ideas anyone? Thanks!