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CCS 5.3: Problem using Graphs


I'm using CCS to develop a program to use on an OMAPL138 board. I have acquired the data and stored it in a float format on a variable array called calc_array. In the expressions window I can see the data acquired. But now I want to graph and it is not working. Keep in mind that I've graphed other arrays before, even this one on a previous version of CCS.

The problem I face is that I set my graph with the following attributes:

  • Acquisition Buffer Size: 1024
  • DSP Data Type: 32-bit floating point
  • Index Increment: 1
  • Q_value: 0
  • Sampling Rate Hz: 1
  • Start Address: calc_array
  • Axis Display: True
  • Data Plot Style: Line
  • Display Data Size: 1024
  • Grid Style: No Grid
  • Magnitude Display Scale: Linear
  • Time Display Unit: sample
  • Use DC value for Graph: false
Then when I hit the OK button, the Graph window opens but instead of showing me a 1024-sample x-axis it shows me a 100-sample one and no data is displayed in it. Instead, a button comes up in the top left corner of the window that reads "Data" but nothing happens when I click on it.
Please, can anyone help me? It's been hindering my progress in the project since it´s much easier to analyze the variations on the data from a graphic point of view than analyzing the resulting array element by element.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation and help,
- Aquiles Lacruz

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