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Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found on CCSv5

Hi everyone!

I am experiencing a (very) annoying problem. I have read a few topics and especially that wiki : http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/MSP_Debug_Stack 
but it didn't help...

I was first programming the target board of the eZ430 and it was working great but now I built my board with a CC430 and I am trying to program it with MSP-FET430UIF (v1.4a) and nothing works anymore :-(

From what I read, I understood that with CCSv5.3 should propose me to upgrade the FET430 when I plug it in and try to debug a project. But it doesn't do anything when I plug it it. I only had the Windows installation of the new device. And when I debug, I have that message "Error initializing emulator: No USB FET was found".

I installed the Elprotronic app to see which firmware is installed on the debugger but it tells me "msp430.dll initialization error ..."

Now I don't really know what to do since with CCSv5 the upgrade of the debugger should be automatic and it's not the case with me.... In "Ports (COM and LPT), I can see that there is MSP-FET430UIF - VCP (COM4) and there is also MSP-EXP430F5438 USB - Serial Port (COM5).

Anyone could help me ?

Thanks a lot for the help ! Samy.