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Does F28M36 Concerto support DSS?


Is F28M36 still support DSS? I'm having problem using DSS to connect F28M36.

I have succeeded in using DSS  to connect F2812. The version of CCS is 5.40. And I called Java from Matlab 2011b. The Java commands are listed as follow:

env = ScriptingEnvironment.instance();


uDebugServer = env.getServer('DebugServer.1');
uDebugSession = uDebugServer.openSession('.*');


It is all right when I connected to F2812. Now I'm trying to use the same commands to connect F28M36. I first checked my project and target configuration with CCS 5.4. It works well with an external XDS510 USB emulator. I can load the project to RAM and run it. Then I switched to Matlab and used the same setting as I did on CCS 5.4. I run the same script as I list above, then it shows following error:

SEVERE: emulation failure occurred
SEVERE: Error connecting to the target: emulation failure occurred
Error using com.ti.debug.engine.scripting.Target/connect
Java exception occurred:
com.ti.ccstudio.scripting.environment.ScriptingException: Error connecting
to the target: emulation failure occurred

at com.ti.debug.engine.scripting.Target.connect(Target.java:898)

Error in CCS5_LoadProgram_work (line 51)

SEVERE: C28xx: Error connecting to the target: Error 0x80000200/-1135 Fatal Error during: OCS, Unrecoverable emulation error

Is that means F28M36 doesn't support DSS? Or I should add additional command?