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Does F28M36 Concerto support DSS?


Is F28M36 still support DSS? I'm having problem using DSS to connect F28M36.

I have succeeded in using DSS  to connect F2812. The version of CCS is 5.40. And I called Java from Matlab 2011b. The Java commands are listed as follow:

env = ScriptingEnvironment.instance();


uDebugServer = env.getServer('DebugServer.1');
uDebugSession = uDebugServer.openSession('.*');


It is all right when I connected to F2812. Now I'm trying to use the same commands to connect F28M36. I first checked my project and target configuration with CCS 5.4. It works well with an external XDS510 USB emulator. I can load the project to RAM and run it. Then I switched to Matlab and used the same setting as I did on CCS 5.4. I run the same script as I list above, then it shows following error:

SEVERE: emulation failure occurred
SEVERE: Error connecting to the target: emulation failure occurred
Error using com.ti.debug.engine.scripting.Target/connect
Java exception occurred:
com.ti.ccstudio.scripting.environment.ScriptingException: Error connecting
to the target: emulation failure occurred

at com.ti.debug.engine.scripting.Target.connect(Target.java:898)

Error in CCS5_LoadProgram_work (line 51)

SEVERE: C28xx: Error connecting to the target: Error 0x80000200/-1135 Fatal Error during: OCS, Unrecoverable emulation error

Is that means F28M36 doesn't support DSS? Or I should add additional command?



  • Yes, DSS scripting works with the Concerto devices.  I am going to move this to the code composer forum as they may have an idea what is wrong.


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  • Da Jiao
    Is F28M36 still support DSS?

    To confirm what Lori said - Yes.

    DSS will support any device supported by CCS. They access the same debugger

    Da Jiao
    uDebugSession = uDebugServer.openSession('.*');

    I see you are calling openSession with all wild cards instead of specifying an exact CPU to start a session for. This means that DSS will launch a debug session for the first CPU it finds on the scan chain that is specified in the ccxml file. While this is not a big deal for a single core device (like 2812), it is something to be aware of for multi-core devices like Concerto. The first CPU on the scan chain appears to be the Cortex M3 unless you have it in bypass. Is this what you want to connect to?

    See this section of the DSS wiki for more information on multi-core devices with DSS:


    Regarding the various errors you received. it is hard to say without a full test case. It could be that you have a debug session for the ARM when you wanted one for the DSP.  Then again I do see one of the errors refer the 28x. 

    Lets take Matlab out of the equation (call the script outside Matlab). And lets replace the wild card in the openSession with the exact CPU name of the CPU you wish to start a debug session for. Try again and see of you get the same errors. If you do, please attach your script, ccxml file and your program (out file)




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  • In reply to Ki-Soo Lee:

    Hi Ki,

    Thank you for your detailed answer! I specified C28xx in my code and it perfectly solved my problem.