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C2000 on-chip flash programmer installation issue in Windows 7

I upgraded my working laptop to Windows 7 and still need to install CCS V3.1 to support old products. It was supposed to install c2000 on-chip flash programmer through Update Advisor in CCStudio, but every time when I click the green "install" button for C2000 Flash Programmer v1.13.0, it jumps to no where with "This page cannot be found". Anybody can help me find the right link in Update Advisor to install C2000 Flash Programmer v1.13.0.


Liu, Qinghua

Hypertherm, Inc.

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    Can you send me the link that it is trying to go to?  I may be able to track down the file.  CCSv3.1 is no longer supported and is not at all validated on Windows 7.

    Which device are you working with?  If it is a 28x device then you could use CCSv5 or Uniflash to program the flash.


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    I already solved this issue by uninstalling CCSV3.1 and installing CCSV3.3, which has the built-in flash programmer. Thanks for your help.