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Need help regarding the Linker command file -- with CCS with LogicPD EVM

I'm working with CCSv4.1.1 and the LogicPD EVM board for the TMS320C6748.  I need to tell the linker to store some data in the off-chip, external memory.  I believe this is to be done in the linker command file (linker_dsp.cmd).  However, I do not understand the commands in the linker command file. 

I'm guessing I must change this: 

.far > shared_ram

to this:

.far > external_ram

But that is merely a guess.  The trouble is that I cannot find help files on this issue (i.e., on the linker command file).  When I search the help files, it either comes up with nothing, or when a topic looks profitable, it responds with:

The topic that you have requested is not available. The link may be wrong, or you may not have the corresponding product feature installed. This online help only includes documentation for features that are installed.

In other words, CCS doesn't give any help on this topic -- the linker command file.  (Could it be because I'm using the EVM version of CCS, which is free?  In other words, is the EVM version brain-damaged, limited, or otherwise restricted in some way that could explain its above message?)

Where do I find help on this topic?  Thanks for your help.

  • You can find information about the linker command file structure in the TMS320C6000 Assembly Language Tools User's Guide (SPRU186).



  • In reply to BrandonAzbell:


    Thank you!  Yes, that manual is very helpful and explains a lot about the linker command file.  (Whew!) 

    Now I need one last bit of help.  That manual seems to deal just with assembly-language/linker issues.  That is, it omits the C language. 

    For example, I have a large block of data, that -- using C language in CCS -- I want stored in the external off-chip memory on the LogicPD EVM board.  So, I presume I would put this in the linker command file:

    .far > external_ram

    And then in my C file I would declare the block of data as a ".far" -- but how do I do that?  This assembly language manual doesn't say how to declare something in the C language. 


  • In reply to Walter Snafu:

    The TMS320C6000 Optimizing Compiler User's Guide (SPRU187) would be a good guide to use for this.

    Specifically Section 6.4.4 provides this information.