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TMS470MF04207: TMS470MF04207: Simultaneous Flash Operations on multiple JTAG probes

Part Number: TMS470MF04207


My question is fairly simple:

Is it possible to use several JTAG probes (XDS100V2) connected to the same PC to perform flash operations on several TMS at the same time using uniflash (version does not matter) ?

I remember that on NowFlash, there was a possibility to select a port, I wonder if this the JTAG probe's port and if it is, if there is a similar option in uniflash.

Anyway, I could not find an option like that in uniflash 3, 3.4, and 4.

Thank you !

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Christophe Bonniot

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    It is possible to reference an XDS100 by its serial number. This way you can have UniFlash connect to a specific XDS100 and board when there are multiple connected. To do this you would have to create the target configuration file (.ccxml) in Code Composer Studio and then load that file in UniFlash. You may need to program unique serial numbers onto the XDS100s depending on if they are already unique or not.

    UniFlash does not let you program multiple devices that are connected to different debug probes. Thus you would need to create separate .ccxml files for each XDS100v2/board. Then you could use the command line interface to UniFlash to program them all.

    The video below has some information on how to set the serial number. Note in this video it shows having 2 XDS100s in the same target connection file. Since you will be using UniFlash you don't want to do that.



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  • In reply to JohnS:

    Hello John,

    Thank you for your answer.

    I think this is the solution I'm looking for.
    I have configured my ccxml with the serial number probe selection.

    It seems, however, that it does not work all the time. I'm using Uniflash v3, can you confirm that this version is supposed to support this feature or do I have to update it ?

    Thank you again.

    Kind regards,