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CCS/EK-TM4C129EXL: How to change XDC_CG_ROOT in CCSv7 Linked Resources?

Part Number: EK-TM4C129EXL

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Using CCSv7 on Mac...

... and would like to test the most current versions of available libs/tools. My CCS environment is trapped on xdc_tools_3_32_00_06_core, while we have xdctools_3_50_01_12_core available. 

I can neither edit nor delete/recreate this variable from the CCS interface.

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    That variable is automatically populated by CCS based on the XDC version the project is set to use.

    First can you check which versions of XDCTools CCS is aware of.  To do this go to the preferences dialog.  Code Composer Studio -> Preferences.  Then select Code Composer Studio -> Products on the left.  Does it show both versions of XDCTools on the right?

    If it does not show the 3.50 version then click the add button and add the path where it is installed and click the rediscover button.

    Once CCS is aware of the 3.50 version you can change a project to use it.

    Select the project in project explorer.  Hold control and click on it to open the context menu.  Select properties.  The select General in the tree on the left.  Click on the RTSC tab on the right.  You can then change the XDCTools version used by the project.

    Please note that there are some compatibility differences between 3.32 and 3.50.  That is actually why we ship both with CCSv7.1.  If you project is using some other product that requires 3.32 you may have to update it to a version that works with 3.50.




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    Thanks, John, for your careful and complete answer...

    I'll cop to feeling kinda like a dummy here. I knew I'd seen these settings at some point, just apparently had been skipping the click on the RTSC pane! Duh!
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    In reply to LouEEEE!:

    No problem. It is pretty hidden today. With more of our software packages using it these days I think we are going to need to better expose it.



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