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CCS/TMS320F28335: TMS320F28335

Part Number: TMS320F28335

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

I installed ccs v3.3 in c drive and installed spectrum digital driver release 3.03.30(25 june 2009) in c\ccs3.3 . when checked in the ccs set up platform ''xds510 usb  emulator ''is not shown. how could i add the emulator to platform? 

  • i forgot to mention that i am using windows 10
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    XDS510USB emulator drivers are installed via a third party package. You have to download it from your Debug Probe manufacturer (Spectrum Digital, Blackhawk, Seed, etc.) and install in your system.

    Be mindful that CCSv3.3 is not officially supported in Windows 10.

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    im using TMS3F28335 and TMS320F2810, former is the acquisition DSP while later is the signal generation dsp. a reference of the transmitted signal is stored in 28335 tx ref signal is given to internal ADC of 28335, after conversion the results from adc result registers are moved to a DMA buffer whose size is 2000. now i want to see the CCS graph of the signal stored in DMA buffer, my code flow is like the following,there are two handshake signal to communicate between dsps , after their communication , adc conversion starts by setting AdcRegs.ADCTRL2.bit.SOC_SEQ1 =1, then dma channel is enabled by setting DmaRegs.CH1.CONTROL.bit.RUN = 1. does the dma buffer flag set after filling the dma buffer? is the tx ref signal visible in CCS graph only when dma buffer is filled completely? do we need to make .CONTROL.bit.RUN = 0?