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CCS/CODECOMPOSER: CCS7.4 Key Binding Issues


Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I recently upgraded to CCS v7.4 and am getting some odd behavior with some of my key bindings. I typically rebind ctrl+shift+f to "File search" and ctrl+shift+r to "References in Project", after unbinding any defaults that exist for those combinations. This has worked well in all past versions of CCS for me. Instead of the key shortcuts directly bringing up the File Search dialogue, or automatically searching for references in the project, I now have to double click on this little box in the bottom right after hitting the key shortcut. Is there any way to disable this? Is there some new setting I'm not aware of that causes it? 

The screenshot below shows the box that comes up after I've selected text and hit ctrl+shift+r, the reference search doesn't actually occur until I double-click the box...which defeats the purpose of the key shortcut.



  • Hi Josh,
    Normally, that popup appears because there is a conflict where multiple commands share the same shortcut. if you have confirmed that there are no other conflicts, then I'm not sure why you are getting the popup. Actually, I can see in your screenshot that the popup only shows one command which seems to confirm that there is no other conflict.

    I was unable to reproduce this with my CCSv7.4.0 installation. I set up the same shortcuts without issue and they work as expected. Can you reset the shortcuts to the defaults and try again? If that doesn't help, try using CCS with a new clean workspace folder and see if that helps



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  • In reply to Ki-Soo Lee:

    Thanks for getting back to me Ki. I've got the key bindings working correctly now. When you advised me to reset them I noticed that the "When:" field of these bindings was set to "windows", I changed that field to "C/C++ Editor" and everything is working as expected now.