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CCS/MSP432P401R: How to use Stand-alone EnergyTrace without USB cable?

Part Number: MSP432P401R

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio


I am working with MSP432P401R Launchpad to use stand-alone EnergyTrace feature in CCS.

I already used EnergyTrace several times in Debugging mode, so I am quite used to the feature.

The problem is I would like to use the stand-alone without USB cable.

I connected the launchpad with following several devices:

1. Power Supply 3.3V, 0.5A <-----> MSP432 external power supply pins.

- I connected Power supply machine to MSP432 for supplying power to the launchpad

- Simply blinky project is programmed in the launchpad, therefore, the LED starts blinking when the power supplies.

- Detailed picture is below

2. MSP432 launchpad's EnergyTrace part (upper part) <----- FTDI cable (mini USB b cable)  -----> PC

- To send the EnergyTrace signal to CCS, I thought FDTI module is need for the connection.\

- I connected several pins:

MSP432 Isolation block ---------- FTDI cable

3V3 pin ----- VCC pin

GND pin ----- GND pin

TX pin ----- RX pin

RX pin ----- TX pin

- Also, I am aware of energyTrace's green LED which is on when XDS110 or EnergyTrace part is available.  

- Detailed picture is below

I thought the configuration is fine for stand-alone mode, but CCS gave me an error window.

It stated me that the connection is not established properly.

Are there any additional things to do or anything wrong?


PS. CCS Version is 

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    I still need to investigate a few details, but I have the following comments:

    Your setup in 1) is ok. No problems there.

    However, for the setup in 2) I see a few problems:
    - The UART port that transfers the EnergyTrace data to the host is not tied to the user UART pins TXD/RXD, but instead to the UART port instantiated by the XDS110 itself; the connection to the external UART will not work.
    - The EnergyTrace needs to be powered from its own USB port; per your photographs you are applying power to the output voltage pins, which may stress the output of voltage regulators and switches on the Launchpad.
    - The Launchpad schematics indicate the EnergyTrace built into it is not capable of measuring the current consumption without simultaneously providing power to the target.

    Therefore I ask: what are you exactly trying to achieve?


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  • In reply to desouza:

    Thank you for your reply.

    I would like to design a system supplied with external power, especially solar panel.
    Since DC power supply give external power to operate MSP432 above 1), it will be replaced by solar panel.
    Therefore, I would like to power the device with the output voltage pins, not with the connected USB port in XDS110/EnergyTrace side.
    At the same time, I would like to measure the power of MSP432 only except XDS110 debugger using EnergyTrace.
    That's why I configure the connection like 1) and 2) to separate MSP432 side to XDS110/EnergyTrace side.

    By the way, your answers make me some more additional questions.

    1. 'The EnergyTrace needs to be powered from its own USB port'.
    Does this means that using USB port to powering EnergyTrace is inevitable?
    Actually I don't care powering EnergyTrace by USB port, but I do not want the port to power MSP432.
    (Because I want to power MSP432 by external supply-mentioned above.)
    I would like to separate powering MSP432 from others.

    2. Not only separating powering, I would like to use EnergyTrace feature
    Now I understand the connection in 2) does not connect EnergyTrace device to MSP432.
    Then, are there any ways to transfer EnergyTrace data to the host?
    I thought I have looked through some documents related to EnergyTrace, but didn't figure out how to do...
    That was why I just thought connecting TXD/RXD pins available can help MSP432 receive EnergyTrace data.

    I really appreciate your help!!!
    Thank you!