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#pragma pack()


I'm trying porting code from IAR to CCS v5.

I tried looking at your user manual (IAR to CCS migration) but didn't find anything regarding this issue.

How can I convert this to CCS code?

#pragma pack(1)

typedef struct _my_struct


long iSocket;

long iStatus;




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    The MSP430 v4.0.0 compiler has support for the GCC "packed" variable attribute. The Compiler Users Guide documents this support (see section 5.1.5). Note that in addition to changing the code you need to also enable the --gcc compiler option in the project build options.


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  • In reply to AartiG:

    When I create a CCS project and open the build project options - > discovery options, I can't see GCC option (only assembly sources, C++ sources and C sources).

    How can I enable -gcc compiler option on a CCS project?

  • In reply to Yael Oz:

    In you main menu, go to: Project -> Properties -> Build -> MSP430 Compiler -> Advanced Options -> Language Options 

    There you can enable the GCC language extension support. (That is for CCSv5.1)

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  • In reply to Bernhard Weller:

    Thank you.

    I added gcc as you suggested but I receive the following error:

    "This Project was created using a compiler that is not currently installed: null[MSP430]. Please install the compiler of this version, or migrate the project to one of the available compiler versions."

    Can you please advice?

  • In reply to Yael Oz:

    I'm pretty sure that is not related to the GCC option, I just turned it on in one of my projects and it compiled fine. Have you maybe accidentally changed something else - the general tab of the project properties contains a field where you can select the compiler to be used - maybe something is wrong there?

    Or you can create a new project (like the LED-blink example) build it, turn on the option and build it again. If it works the first time but not the second time, something is wrong with your installation (probably), if it builds fine both times - something is wrong in the settings of your original project. 


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  • In reply to Bernhard Weller:

    I deleted my project and recreated it with the –gcc marked.

    My project now compiled successfully. (with packed)

    Thanks for all your help!