Compiler: C2000 CGTools 6.4.12 or 16.9.3 and CCS 3.3

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

I have managed to get CCS 3.3 working on 64 Bit Win7 with C2000 CGTools up to version 6.4.9. I can build my projects with the CCS 3.3 IDE and also with timake.exe (from CCS 3.3 installation). In order to be able to select a tool chain version in Component Manager I had to run SetupInCCSnRegistry.exe (from the tool chain installation directory) after installing the tool chain.

The more recent CGTools versions (e.g., 6.4.12 or 16.9.3) don't come with SetupInCCSnRegistry.exe.I attempted to use SetupInCCSnRegistry.exe from 6.4.9 to register tool chains 6.4.12 and 16.9.3 (using adapted compiler.reg files). After that I could choose the tool chains in component manager. Unfortunately, the tool chains don't work in CCS 3.3: Trying to build a project I get the messages

Error, Don't know how to build file <file>

for each file of my project.

Any hints to get recent C2000 toolchains working with CCS 3.3 are much appreciated.



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  • Hello!

    Though my experience was with C6000 CGT, I faced similar issue. When I was trying to setup CGT version through configuration utility, it worked once or twice, but after that I end up with either old version or "Don't know how to build". For sure, I put compatibility settings as for XP SP3 for both CCS and config utility, as well as run them as administrator.

    I have discovered two recipes to work around that. One brute approach is just copy entire contents of new CGT folder into location of older tools. Costs you nothing, but whenever you decide to switch to other version, have to copy again. Thus, be sure to backup original revision too.

    The second approach is to run CCS in virtual machine. I have experience with Win7 XP Mode, would not recommend especially for poor handling of access to host file system, where you might keep your project files. VMWare Player and Virtual box work just fine. You may even attach emulator to VM and debug there.

    Hope this helps.

  • TI does not test using new compilers with older releases of CCS.  Especially something as old as CCS 3.3.  So, unfortunately, you are on your own.  Thanks to rrlagic for sharing some experience!

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  • In reply to rrlagic:

    Thank you, rrlagic, for sharing your experience. Your brute approach worked for me too.

    My experience with CCS3.3 in Win7 XP Mode were similarly poor: I coudn't even get my emulators to work.

    Maybe I should give CCS 6 or newer another try... The last time I tried, I found it rather hard to make certain things work that worked in CSS3.3 just out of the box. The eclipse based CCS releases made me jump through hoops to get headless builds or portable projects working. Not to mention the XML project file format which, because of all the markup, makes it difficult to track changes (e.g. in compiler options) by simply comparing text files...