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Part Number: TDA3XEVM

Tool/software: Linux

Hi there,

I am trying to build the application for TDA3x evm (building it for the first time) using "PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_03_00_00_setuplinux" , after made changes in ../vision_sdk/build/Rules.make to set MAKEAPPNAME=apps and MAKECONFIG=tda3xx_evm_bios_all.(using ubuntu 14.04, os-type=64 bit)

In terminal ../vision_sdk/build$ make -s -j depend (compiled successfully)

and doing "make -s -j" i am experiencing an error with is mentioned below:


INTERNAL ERROR: (native_path)/PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_03_00_00/PROCESSOR_SDK_VISION_03_03_00_00_setuplinux/ti_components/cg_tools/linux/arp32_1.0.7/bin/acpia-arp32 experienced a segmentation fault while

This is a serious problem.  Please contact Customer
Support with this message and a copy of the input file
and help us to continue to make the tools more robust.

>> Compilation failure

Why does this happen? How can I solve these  issue?

Thanks in advance

With Regards