Projaect with SYSBios and with Peripherials

Dear support,

We work with Piccolo F28035PN card and build application with SYSBIOS that use CAN peripherials. We added to the project DSP2803x_Headers_BIOS.cmd and DSP2803x_GlobalVariableDefs.c files. And get the following error:

#148 declaration is incompatible with "void (*Flash_CallbackPtr)() C" (declared at line 29 of "...\DSP2803x_headers\include\DSP2803x_BootVars.h") DSP2803x_GlobalVariableDefs.c ‪/PiccoloTestApplWithSysBios‬ line 399 C/C++ Problem

the problem disappears if we comment the following section in DSP2803x_GlobalVariableDefs.c:

#ifdef __cplusplus
#pragma DATA_SECTION("FlashCallbackVar");
#pragma DATA_SECTION(Flash_CallbackPtr, "FlashCallbackVar");
void (*Flash_CallbackPtr) (void);

 Could you help us with it? We don't understand the reason of this error. DSP2803x_BootVars.h has the same declaration as DSP2803x_GlobalVariableDefs.c.

The project without SYSBIOS using doesn't get this error.