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Compiler/TMS320DM8168: Need help with sysbios include files

Part Number: TMS320DM8168

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


I am upgrading sysbios from to Compiler error looking for tistdtypes.h (and others). The include path from older sysbios release to the newer has changed, and this file is no longer part of the package I downloaded.

Is the package incomplete, or have files in the /bios_6_34_02_18/packages/ti/bios/include/ path moved? I cannot find them with the newer release.


  • Hi Chris,

    How did you change to the newer SYS/BIOS? Did you change XDCtools also? Please refer to the SYS/BIOS release notes to see which XDCtools is recommended.

    Can you copy the full build log into a file and attach that file?

  • In reply to ToddMullanix:


    I will be judicious with what gets shared online, but this should show you my configuration that fails.



    **** Build of configuration Release for project  ****

    /home/username/ti/ccsv7/utils/bin/gmake -k -j 12 all -O
    gmake[1]: Entering directory '/home/username/code/projects/apu/base/app/projectname/Release'
    Building file: ../projectname.cfg
    Invoking: XDCtools
    "/home/username/ti/xdctools_3_32_02_25_core/xs" --xdcpath="/home/username/ti/bios_6_46_05_55/packages;/home/username/ti/ccsv7/ccs_base;/home/username/ti/ipc_3_46_02_04/packages;/home/username/code/projects/apu/base/ndk_2_21_01_38/packages;/home/username/ti/xdais_7_24_00_04/packages;/home/username/ti/xdais_7_24_00_04/examples;/home/username/code/projects/apu/base/plateform;/home/username/ti/syslink_2_21_03_11/packages;/home/username/ti/uia_1_01_01_14/packages;/home/username/ti/framework_components_3_40_02_07/packages;/home/username/ti/framework_components_3_40_02_07/examples;/home/username/ti/framework_components_3_40_02_07/fctools/packages;/home/username/ti/edma3_lld_02_11_06_01/packages;" xdc.tools.configuro -o configPkg -t ti.targets.elf.C674 -p DM8168_CWP20 -r release -c "/home/username/ti/ccsv7/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-c6000_8.1.4" "../projectname.cfg"
    making package.mak (because of package.bld) ...
    generating interfaces for package configPkg (because package/package.xdc.inc is older than package.xdc) ...
    configuring projectname.xe674 from package/cfg/projectname_pe674.cfg ...
    generating custom ti.sysbios library makefile ...
    generating custom ti.sdo.utils library makefile ...
    generating custom ti.sdo.ipc library makefile ...
    Inside EDMA3 Drv Sample getLibs
        will link with ti.sdo.edma3.drv.sample:lib/ti816x-evm/674/release/edma3_lld_drv_sample.ae674
    Inside EDMA3 Drv getLibs
        will link with ti.sdo.edma3.drv:lib/674/release/edma3_lld_drv.ae674
    Inside EDMA3 RM getLibs
        will link with ti.sdo.edma3.rm:lib/ti816x-evm/674/release/edma3_lld_rm.ae674
    Starting build of library sources ...
    making /home/username/code/projects/apu/base/app/projectname/Release/configPkg/./libs/ipc.ae674 ...
    gmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/username/code/projects/apu/base/app/projectname/Release/configPkg/libs/ipc'
    cle674 /home/username/ti/ipc_3_46_02_04/packages/ti/sdo/utils/NameServer.c ...

    Later in the build there are hundreds of errors like this........

    "/home/username/code/projects/apu/base/app/common/include/alg_n_app.h", line 30: fatal error #1965: cannot open source file "std.h"

  • In reply to Chris Coonan88:

    Are you using legacy DSP/BIOS calls? We dropped support for that in the release.