• Power and Lighting Tools Forum

    Support for Power and Lighting designs, using the WEBENCH Processor Power Architect, FPGA Power Architect, Power Designer (single supply), Power Architect (multi supply), LED Designer, LED Architect, and SwitcherPro™ Power Supply Designer tools.
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  • Signal Chain/Signal Path Tools Forum

    This forum is for support of Signal Chain (analog signal processing, clocking, data communication and integrity, etc.) designs, using WEBENCH Sensor AFE, Sensor Designer, Active Filter Designer, Amplifier Designer, EasyPLL and FilterPro™ tools.
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    • Jun 16, 2015
  • Simulation and Models Forum

    This forum is for support on simulation, modeling, and TINA-TI. Learn more about TINA-TI at www.ti.com/tina-ti. To view PSpice and TINA-TI model availability, go to www.ti.com/spicerack
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