January 2011 SwitcherPro News – 13 new devices added in SwitcherPro v3.9.10

Check out the new devices in SwitcherPro v3.9.10:TPS54320, TPS62233, TPS62234, TPS62235, TPS62236, TPS62237, TPS62238, TPS62239, TPS622310, TPS622311, TPS622312, TPS622313, TPS622314

In addition, 3 new EVM Designs are now part of SwitcherPro  TPS62233EVM-574TPS62236EVM-574TPS62239EVM-574

Read more about SwitcherPro at www.ti.com/switcherpro

You can access SwitcherPro online at  www.ti.com/switcherprotool  or download SwitcherPro at www.ti.com/switcherpro-dt