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Feature requests and how-to for TINA-TI


            TINA-TI does seem to offer some improvements in user-experience over LTspice. Needless to say, it's vastly superior to Pspice. I was wondering if the development team is open to enhancements. 

Is there a way to Move an object without preserving connections? In Cadence, this is the same as SHIFT-m.

What is the procedure for reporting bugs. Sometimes the solder joints are not maintained correctly and the remain in the wrong place and wires that should be connected are not. I can provide a video capture if that would help.

Is there a way to do custom bindkeys? That would be very useful. 

Is there a way to get horizontal scrolling by combining the scrollwheel with SHIFT or ALT?

It would be nice to get zoom in with the scrollwheel or CTRL-scrollwheel.

Is there a way to see the log of commands so that some of them can be combined into a macro to boost productivity (like in Cadence basically).

It would be nice if we could zoom into a selected area using the right mouse button click and drag (like Cadence :)

CTRL-A is working to select all - which is good - some of the other free tools don't support it. There seem to be some bugs when All objects are selected and moved - wires are not maintained correctly.

Rather than just clicking and holding to drag a component to move, it should also be possible to "launch" a move command so that, once the command is launched, the user can move an object (or selected set) by clicking and, during move (or stretch) execute other editing commands like Flip or Rotate. Cadence has it and it's quite useful - middle-mouse-but click can be for rotating and right-mouse can provide a menu item to flip (or a keyboard shortcut can be provided)

Also, it would be very nice to be able to probe a wire (highlight it with a different style - color/thickness) to make it look different temporarily - this is a great debug aid especially when hierarchy is involved.