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TINA/Spice/SN74AUP1G34: How can I workaround converting an IBIS model file into a PSpice simulation?

Part Number: SN74AUP1G34

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

I read elsewhere on the forum that you can't import IBIS model files into PSpice. How should I go about simulation if a PSpice model file is not included?

  • Hi Eddie,

    What you read is correct. PSPICE will not support IBIS model simulations. spectre and HSPICE do, so if you have access to either of those, you can import the iBIS Model.

    IBIS is provided to enable Signal Integrity simulation. If that is what you trying to simulate, then there are several tools out there that'll support that functionality.

    My first recommendation for that is Mentor Graphics HyperLynx. However, it is not free.

    ADS will also support SI simulation, but it is even less free.

    If you are just looking for functionality, given that this is a simple buffer, I'd recommend using a generic PSPICE buffer. Another option would be to use the SN74LV1T126, which has a PSPICE model and offers similar functionality to the AUP1G34.


    David Larkin 

  • In reply to David Larkin - WEBENCH Design Center:

    Thanks for the link to SN74LV1T126! This should work. When I download the PSPICE model available, I'm not sure how to take that file with all of the data and put it into an actual simulation. Are there any resources for learning how to do this?