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TINA/Spice/LM5017: Convergence error in simulation: UVLO and VCC pin settings

Part Number: LM5017

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models


I am using LM5017 switching regulator and doing transient analysis on it.
Please refer the attached circuit.

when the input voltage exceeds ~29.5V, tool is throwing a convergence error.
conditions are:

RUV2  5.11E+04 ohm
RUV1  1.00E+04 ohm
Vout  28  V
UVLO pin 4.58  V

and I_Hys 2.00E-05 A  {Vin(Hys) = I_Hys * RUV2}
Vin (Hys) 1.02  V
V_IN(UVLO, rising) = 1.225V * [(RUV2/RUV1) +1] = 7.48475 V

Please help me to understand the role of Vin(Hys) and V_IN (UVLO, rising) voltages and
and why is convergence error ocurring the moment UVLO pin voltage is reaching ~5V.