TINA/Spice: Logic functions, D, XOR, Time delay

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I need a simple functional model for some logic functions - D type flip flop, XOR gate and a time delay (I need to be able to set delays from 100ns to 5us .

It would be nice too, if there was a square wave generator with a settable duty cycle (about 0.5%) - I'm using a Pattern Generator for that at present, it works but it's a bit of a kludge.

I haven't seen anything in the TINA libraries so is there a way I can implement these functions. I'm not worried about rise times, fall times and so on, just simple 1s and 0s will do nicely.



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  • Hi Collin,

    The inbuilt digital libraries are only available in the paid version of TINA-TI. We have some internal libraries in PSpice that can be used in TINA-TI. we can provide that to you. We will take this conversation offline so we can continue the discussion in detail. If need be, we will update here with final summary.

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