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SN74LVC1G66: Ultra Librarian software for SN74LVC1G66

Part Number: SN74LVC1G66

Hi team,

I need to use Ultra Librarian software to convert CAD file to altium designer file for SN74LVC1G66.

After I get the UL_Form.dfm, UL_Form.pas, UL_Import.pas and UL_Import.prjScr file, then I open altium designer software and select UL_Import.PrjScr file.

According to to read me txt file, I cannot find “runfrom”, please check the attach. Would you help me how to convert to the altium designer?

  • User4674678,

    Does the information at the bottom of this thread help?


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    No, this link is not what I need. I also need your help.

    1. I need to convert the .bxl file to altium designer form file. 

    2. After I use the Ultra Librarian software and complete the 3 steps. Then it exports the files which are in the figure 1. 

    3. Then I open the "readme.txt" file. I open the altium designer softeware and open and selecting the UL_Import.PrjScr file stored. Please check the figure 2.

    4. I copy the "readme.txt" file as below, you can read it:

    To import your new library part into Altium follow these steps:

    1). After running the Ultra Librarian export for the first time,
    you will need to copy the following files into an area where
    they can be accessed for all future translations. They are script
    files that Altium will need to be able to find.
    a. UL_Form.dfm
    b. UL_Form.pas
    c. UL_Import.pas
    d. UL_Import.prjScr

    2). The above script file will need to be run from within Altium.
    This can be done by going to File, Open and selecting the
    UL_Import.PrjScr file stored above.

    3). Select the UL_Form.pas file form the new project that has loaded,
    and then select runfrom the drop down menu. You will need to select
    the form again. Run the form.

    4). When the script is run, it will ask you for the file name of the
    Ultra Librarian file to run. You should select the latest file
    produced with a date code (for instance 2010-02-17_23-12-34.txt).

    5). The script will open a new Integraged Library project and import
    the Ultra Librarian data into it. When complete a message box
    will pop up saying that import is done.

    5. According to the 3) step, I cannot find the run from the drop down menu in the altium designer. You can also check the figure 2. I do not know how to do from the 3) step to the 5) step.

    So, would you please help me to check this problem and send me the screenshots?

                                                                          Figure 1


                                                                                                         Figure 2

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    Thank you for the additional information.  Since this question is for the modeling of the switch, I'm going to move this thread to the modeling forum for better assistance.

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    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your help. Since I am in a hurry for this question, could you inform our engineer to reply to me?
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    Dear user,

    Please follow the below steps.

    1.Open the Altium designer and click on DXP

    2. Click on the Run Script.

    3. Click on the Browse

    4.Select UL_Import.PrjScr file

    5.Click on UL_Form.pas file

    6.Then Click on file

    7.select the text file.

    8. Click on Start Import

    Please check the Altium licenses and version if you are facing any issues.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Praveen B