PSPICE Simulation Library (tex_inst.lib,tex_inst.olb) issue

When I used PSPICE Library (tex_inst.lib,tex_inst.olb)  for LM339 are mentioned 8 pin single comparator but when i refer datasheet it shows 14 pin quad comparator structure, so please tell me which one is correct

  • Yuraj,

    The LM339 PSpice model is a 5 pin single comparator. The single channel comparator may be placed 4 times to represent the quad comparator. This is a standard practice when using/creating PSpice models.The VCC+ and VCC- pins in the actual device would be shared. Please note that interactions between the 4 channels that would occur in the actual IC would not be represented in the PSpice model.


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  • Hello Yuvraj,

    This single comparator is a 5 pin device ( Vin+, Vin-, vout, VDD and GND) as it is indicated in the model down loadable from site ( shown below). However, if you use it as dual it will be a 8 pin device ( additional inputs pair and one output) .  For quad it will be 14 pin device. Most models are for single device unless mentioned otherwise and user can utilize them as Dual or Quad.

    * CREATED USING PARTS VERSION 4.03 ON 03/07/90 AT 14:17
    * REV (N/A)
    *                | INVERTING INPUT
    *                | | POSITIVE POWER SUPPLY
    *                | | | NEGATIVE POWER SUPPLY
    *                | | | | OPEN COLLECTOR OUTPUT
    *                | | | | |
    .SUBCKT LM339    1 2 3 4 5