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How to delete E2E post?

To Whom it may concern:

  I need to delete my E2E posts.  Can you please show me how this can be done?



  • Hi Art, 

    I'm not sure if you have privileges to DELETE, but try this and see if it works.  At the bottom of your post (this thread asking the question) click on the MORE button.  You should see a drop-down menu, DELETE should be one of the options.  If it is, click on Delete, there will be several steps in the process.  Let us know if this is successful; if not, which posts do you want deleted? 



  • Hi Art,

    Please advise on what threads you want deleted and why; I'll be glad to assist, just need some feedback from you before proceeding.



  • Hi Leonard!

    I was unable to find the MORE button. The post I would like to delete is the 1846 part number. Please E-mail any response to art2d2yo@hotmail.com, and not address ending in "utas.utc.com".
  • In reply to Art Del Castillo75:

    Hi Art,

      I saw two 1846 threads:

    UC1846: Can the UC1846 be configured selectively between a Master/Slave option?


    TINA/Spice/UC1846: UC1846

     Deleted both.