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TINA/Spice: Modeling a Ferrite Bead in TINA-TI

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models

Hello Team,

I would appreciate some explanation as to how to select the right values and relative magnitudes in order to model a ferrite bead. Below is an image of a method I have seen before for the impedance network -- but I am stuck at the calculation point to make it match a different bead.

Thank you!

  • Hi Reed,

    The cap, inductor, and resistor will for poles and zeros which can be used to match the impedance response of the ferrite bead. You can change the values one by one to see what they affect - pole or zero and at what location. This may give you some insights as to what changes need to be made to match to your bead characteristics.

    Also, have you checked the bead manufacturer websites to see if they already have a model or an app note on how to model these?

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