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TINA/Spice/DS90LT012A: Model Editor PSpice

Part Number: DS90LT012A

Tool/software: TINA-TI or Spice Models


I'm trying to convert the ibis model to pspice model with the model editor of Orcad, but i don't know how it's working as there isn't explanation on the internet.

Can you give me information about it please ? What are specifications / waveform tables... ?
And why is there one model for "IN- signals", one for "IN+" and one for "TTL_OUT" ? They should be on the same model, no ?

Thanks in advance.


  • In the ibis model we have :

    1 in- ds90lt012A_DINM 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    2 gnd GND 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    3 in+ ds90lt012A_DINP 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    4 nc NC 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    5 nc NC 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    6 vdd POWER 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    7 gnd GND 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p
    8 ttl_out ds90lt012A_ROUT 1.000m 0.008n 0.030p

    And the ibis translator to have pspice model gives 3 models the port 1) DINM the 3) DINP and the 8) ROUT.
    Does it mean that we have to use the 3 models to have the modele in Pspice ?
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    The model you are looking at is for signal integrity only and it captures the impedance looking into the pin (for inputs) and the driving strength (for output). If you are looking for anything beyond that then this model won't work for you, as-is or converted by Model Editor.

    The IBIS model contains tabulated values only and model editor merely converts that into circuit element that PSPICE understands. The DS90LT012A has 3 I/O pins, hence you see 3 models.