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dlp lightcrafter 2000 evm. I need some serious answers here.

---the dlplightcrafter has been a nightmare. ---the integration with beaglebone is a poor choice( it has just 500 gb ram and cant do any significant video at all). ---I purchased lightcrafter2000 as that is the cheapest you got. ---but its integration has been nothing but sad and a failure. ---the commerical DLP projector which used dlp2000 costs less than 100 bucks. it is called DLP P1. ---the cape managers are not addressed properly. ---the beaglebone does not even boot now when dlp lightcrafter 2000 is sitting on its top. ---the dlp lightcrafter intial screen is on when powere on its own. ---when it is integreted the dlp screen is on but beaglebone does not boot. ---i have updated the kernel and all. 4.9 version and jessie. the dlcr2000.dt0 is their in firmare. ---And worse of all there is no gui control on linux. despite this being a linux item. ---It is annoying to go and give bare i2c commands. And you have millions. ----the DLPCR is a very very pooor component for 100 dollars as it has no keystone correction nor a hdmi input to solve this mess. its resolution is poor and so is its lumen. And it costs a fortune to make it talk and also the hassle like one I am going through. ---In other words it just aint plug n play as advertised. ---your integration with beaglebone leaves lot to be desired. as it cost 100 bucks for evm and another 100 bucks to integreate. And not to mention all the cape update crap, i am having. ---the barrel jack is an outdated mode and it is extremley messy. 2 seperate power supplies. --- And is this a sound business logic when a commercial dlp is available for lesser the price and not to mention very poor resolution( 320*600). and poor 30 lumen. that resolution is 25 years old if I recall properly. ----your next EVM is insanely charged the 2010 which seems to have hdmi inputs costs 350 bucks. A 3.5 times jump. --and have to pay doubl e to get it here as your offices india does not keep no parts to help individual researches like us. ---I have worked 10 years in the valley. And somebody worth my salt, knows what he is talking about. --- I am a bonafide scientist and I never had to face this kind of annoying nightmare in my life. my research has taken a hit due to your very poor support. ---the indian support officers are poor. you just have building with no components and no expertise. they just listen to your orders from states. --I am extremley sad with the state of the affairs here. and from india my hands are tied. -- not only product availability is poor. so is its visibility. ---if i knew this would be the case. i would have avoided getting in to this mess in the first place. ---NO wonder the chinese have taken over. the same commerical proejctor which is DLP P1 cost 1/4 of this and works better. ---wish I knew better.
  • hello? is there an expert around here?
    --the beaglebone is a very poor choice to drive generic DLP lightcrafter.
    --beaglebone has just 500 mb memory and 1 usb port. it is totally useless. not only it is expensive than raspberry pi zero. all pins are consumed to dlp and it is impossible to know what is wrong.
    ---like I am facing it now.
    ---I have no clue how folks can be this blind to the problem of developers.
    ---looks like i bought in to the reputation of the firm than the quality of the product.

    --the only way to end this nightmare is quit on the product and problem.
    --i as an engineer take it as a huge insult.
    ---if you did your job properly, this would not have happened.
    ---the device is neither cheap nor plug n play as advertised.
    ---looks like i got hosed and nobody seems to care.

    thanks a bunch
  • In reply to sanjay kulkarni:


    It sounds like you have encountered some very reasonable frustrations with this EVM. As an evaluation platform, the DLPDLCR2000EVM is intended to be a simple entry level product that is open-ended for custom designs, with enough flexibility to be implemented with any compatible host processor. Given that the BeagleBone Black in use is running Debian Jessie 8.9 (with the cape overlay installed), the cape overlay driver should load at boot. If it is not doing so, you should manually load the cape overlay driver to eliminate the possibility of any hardware issues, and try again. A guide on how to do this in this stickied thread:

    If the system still fails to boot, you can try debugging by forcing the GPIO pins associated with projector enable on. In the Debian terminal:
    $ sudo echo 48 > /sys/class/gpio/export
    $ sudo echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio48/direction
    $ sudo echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio48/value

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
  • Hello Mr. Kulkarni. It am sorry to hear about your troubles. I am a complete newbie to DLP technology and the DLP2000 EVM. I followed this tutorial to get started:
    The tutorial uses a raspberry pi zero. I used a pi 3 with the exact same instructions and it works just fine. If you have a pi lying around, this would be worth a try.
  • In reply to Philippe Dollo:

    bingooo! got it! woof!

    ---the 8.9 distribution did the trick. it worked even when i updated to 8.10

    ---the original distribution which was 8.9 that came with beaglebone had issues. because it was not even detecting i2c and as i said before not even booting, when lightcrafter sits on top.

    ---i had no such problem with 8.9-lxqt image. And I just enabled bone_cape_manager_enable_item_no=dlplightcrafter--a0 name( exclude .dtbo) for v3.8 above.

    ##Example v4.1.x

    ---there is also generic option of just externa cape enable which did not seem to work. Ijust stuck to the device tree document.

    ###Custom Cape

    this does not work!

    --also slots just had id numbers. dmesg said it identified and loaded. normally slot 4--would have the id. but in my case it just gave the number. could be some mapping( at 5 am, i did not bother).

    ---Another issue was when i commented some hdmi the beaglebone kind of got bricked. because i was trying to load dlp( with the latest ones)

    ---booting from USB drive did not work at all. so had to bite the bullet get the sd card and loaded 8.9 image and it simply flashed on to emc. that is strange because it was just suppose to boot from micro-SD card when boot button was pressed. so it basically copied from SD to emc. 

    --so SD card is popped out it boots.


    before this I had tried raspberry pi but for some reason the i2c pin seems to have messed out. so i am checking with raspberry pi zero.

    the gui on beaglebone leaves lot to be desired.especially if you want to project youtube content.

    so I will try raspberry pi zero: thanks from another pal who has done it on raspberry. the rasp pi has better memory and 4 usb port. but integration of beaglebone is great with dlp. 

    May be texas can release a plug for rasp as you do not need all the pins:


    the projector gets hot. so I put a heat sink at the top. 

    so not sure 5 v, 3a is too problem with 5v, 2a or even 5v from usb!


    So i have to set some exports and xinits. As the desktop for projector is separate from vncserver desktop(uses startx behind the scenes).

    so I am unable to control the output from vncserver remote.

    but mp4 plays just like promised with native keyboard and keyboard typed on the projector itself( xterm).


    I have a vga monitor. not sure hdmi and vga works. it was not working before update, update for mplayer. it got boosted to 8.10 from 8.9.

    but everything else is intact. with old image it flickered and i had to get powered hdmi to vga which cost half of beaglebone on a monday!


    he had no problem with latest image.

    so i will have to try that sooner or later.

    but there is pin conflict which messes up everything. right from i2c.


    the image download was a nightmare as the connection is always ridiculously slow. it never went above 50kb( my connection is quite fast 4mb!).

    so the most of the time the download broke and when it did complete the checksum messed up.

    I eventually manged the 8.9 image correct image from one of phillippe's earlier links!


    so we had a success at least

    More to come later: RPI!


    next item is to somehow repair the board that i fried with faulty voltage!


    I wish dlplightcrafter had couple of more features: keystone,hdmi connection to reduce the baggage it needs to be run from.


    the heat sink has to get better. the heat is real!


    so thanks phillippe for his patience support. And also to others who have empathized with me all the way.

    some of the problems are circumstantial and self-induced. I concur.


    I would keep digging better. as it is paramount to my research.


    but we have a start. very much obliged.

  • In reply to Jaiyam Sharma:

    yes,i will give it a shot. the wiring is a mess. my rp3, pin might have gotten fried.their i2c did not work for some reason. i had gone rp3 route first. i will try with rp-zero tomorrow( got to check i2c pins first. so i got a new one).
    the it was image thing and enabling overlay on beaglebone is an issue( the hdmi in latest image might be conflicting with these pins). my beaglebone got bricked to i used SD and flashed it new. So made it talk. rp3-rpi i are next ones in lane.
  • In reply to Jaiyam Sharma:

    got it done. thanks for encouragement.

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