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DLPDLCR2010EVM: How to project a single image or video from the computer, not the whole computer screen via HDMI port?

Part Number: DLPDLCR2010EVM

I am working with a DLPDLCR2010EVM but I am not a software engineer. Can someone tell how to change the splash images? Ideally I would like to load test images into flash and then select them from the GUI.

  • Hi Jonathan,

    The GUI has an 'Update Flash Image' feature under the Firmware tab where you can replace existing splash images with your own images.

    Check it out and let me know if you have any questions.

  • In reply to Azad:

    Hi Azad, I tried to update the flash image but it failed with the error message that there were input flash image errors. I tried to load a test 854x480  PNG image. Any ideas what went wrong?

    We have tried using the HDMI cable and displaying test images but we see some vertical banding on images with fine vertical lines. When using the GUI test patterns everything looks fine. Using the projector as a second monitor seems to alter the image somehow even when it is set to the same resolution as the DLP (854x480).

  • In reply to Jonathan Huras:

    Hi Jonathan,

    What flash image were you trying to update? Can you try using the latest firmware image for the DLDLCR2010EVM available on ti.com?

    Also, when did you get the error, while generating the flash image or downloading it to the EVM? Were you able to generate a new flash image file?

    Regarding HDMI input from PC, can you try using the projector as the only display? Also ensure that your PC graphics card is set to 60 Hz.

  • In reply to Azad:

    It works now after loading the latest firmware image from ti.com!

    Thanks for your support!