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DLPC350: Can "on_pushButton_FWSplashImageUpload_clicked()" be used to upload splash images to the device?

Part Number: DLPC350


In the GUI source code I encountered the function "on_pushButton_FWSplashImageUpload()" in mainwindow.cpp. Its name suggests to enable one to upload splash images without completely rewriting the firmware.

However, the push button itself is hidden in the current version of the GUI (3.1.0). Is it because it currently does not work? Or can the code be used in principle?



  • Hello Robert,

    I do not think it is possible to upload new images without entirely rewriting the firmware. We will see if we have any information as to the use of this button but I do not think it currently does anything.

  • Hi Robert,

    Unfortunately the firmware is not designed to receive the images over I2C/USB. You can attach it to a binary image, and then use that binary image to reflash the LCR4500. You can choose fast flash update to rewrite only the sectors that have been changed, so that flash update is faster. The function you mentioned is not used by the application, it is redundant and will be removed in future releases of the source code.

    Thanks & Regards,