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DLPC900: dlp lightcraft6500 jtag shematic question

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Part Number: DLPC900

I design dlpc900 as reference lightcraft6500.

now, i have some question of lightcraft6500 schematic about jtag.

In the schematic page 11, J10(JTAG BOUNDARY SCAN PORT)  and J8(Multi-ice debug port) use TRSTZ signal. 

If J8 is not used and J10 is connected to UM232, TRSTZ signal is short to OUTPUT of U17-4(SN74AHC1G125DBVR).

I Guess that OUTPUT of U17-4 is low.  I don't understand why  TRSTZ OUTPUT PIN(AD4) OF UM232 PIN is connected to OUTPUT of U17-4(SN74AHC1G125DBVR).

Is it short????

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    Hi Jae,

    Welcome to DLP section of TI E2E community. Yes both are same signal.
    It is not recommended to connect both UM232 and arm debugger at same time.

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    In the lightcraft6500,  i not used arm mult port debug. I only use UM232.

    UM232 module control TRSTZ signal that is logic high 3.3V normally, also U17-4(SN74AHC1G125DBVR) control TRSTZ signal that is logic low 0V normally.

    I Connect UM232 to  lightcraft6500 evm, I have checked that TRSTZ voltage is about 2.1V. because 3.3V and 0V is short.

    why this problem is happen??, but UM232 is download bootloader well.

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    In reply to jae woo so:

    Hi Jae,

    You are correct. This looks like a bug in schematics but works due to limited drive strength on UM232 and SN74AHC1G125DBVR.

    SN74AHC1G125DBVR can sink 4mA. UM232 also will have limitation on drive current on GPIO.