DLPLCR6500EVM: DMD micromirror stuck in standby mode

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Part Number: DLPLCR6500EVM

DMD didn't work after using for a period.

Phenomenon:after connecting power line and USB,the D8 and D9 lamps in the board are lighting,and D6 lamp twinkles,the "connected"option GUI is lighting,these phenomenons are same with normal condition.But the downside option stuck in "standby"mode,and can't switch to"normal"mode,and the"Opreating Mode"stuck in"Video Mode",also,we can't control the micromirror turning.

Refering to the e2e,we do some tests,we provide the results In the annex.DLPLCR6500EVM Debug Note(1).docx

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  • Hello User,

    Welcome to the DLP section of the TI-E2E community.  Sorry for the late answer, we had a glitch in the system so this message got missed for a bit.

    I need to study the document you sent and get back with you.  Hopefully tomorrow.


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello again User,

    It took a little longer to get back to this.

    Something is disabling the DC-DC converter TPS65145(U1)  since EN_OFFSET is pulled low.  I agree that it seems to be working correctly.

    Is the resistance measured in point #5 with or without the DMD dismounted (I assume without the DMD)?  If so the value seems about right.

    Can you see if the "Controller/DMD incompatible" Status box is checked?


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello User,

    Do you still need assistance with this?


  • In reply to Fizix:

    I'm sorry to reply so late,thanks for your propose.

    I've been out of town so I can't test the instrument before.

    Tomorrow I'll connect to use DMD, and then give you feedback.

    Sorry again,I still need your help.

  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hello,I connected the DMD,and the following is the status shown on the GUI,

    The "Controller/DMD incompatible" Status box is checked


  • In reply to Fizix:

    And when I try to change the mode from video mode,this hint popped up.