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DLPC3439: DLPC3439CZEZ sideband and reel baking temperature

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Part Number: DLPC3439

The moisture resistance level (MSL) of the DLPC3439CZEZ is level 3,

According to the J-STD-033D standard, it must be consumed within 168 hours after opening the package.

It is impossible for us to consume all 2500pcs of a plate in 168 hours.

Therefore, it is necessary to bake the remaining IC.

The IC is a sideband + tray package, hoping to provide a higher baking temperature for the sidebands and trays used, so that we can determine the baking conditions.

  • Hi Jeffrey,

    We will investigate this subject and get back to soon.



  • Hello Meng,

    It is believed that the shipment tray can be baked at the temperatures outlined in J-STD-033D. The physical tray itself should have the temperature marked on it as well, can you confirm this?

    Also please clarify what you mean by sideband?