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DLP660TE: How does the DLP660TE get the full 8,192,000 pixels on the screen at one time without flashing the DMD

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Part Number: DLP660TE

What is the best way to understand and for me to explain to other interested parties how TI's DLP660TW DMD displays 8.2 million pixels on the screen at one time when it's array is 2560x1600 which equals 4,096,000 pixels?  If I understand e-ship properly it flashes the light source and moves the DMD position to put up the additional 250x1600 pixels to display the full image of 8,192,000 pixels.  Is the DLP660TW an e-shift technology and am I correct about the flashing methodology?

The reason for my questions is to understand how we get the full 3840x2160 image on the screen with all of the 8,192,000 pixels at the same time without flashing the DMD?

Thank you for helping me understand this properly.