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DLPLCR9000EVM: Controlling the bit depth and exposure of MATLAB output images in the DMD via HDMI

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Part Number: DLPLCR9000EVM

Hi all, 

   I was wondering how to set the bit depth and exposure time for MATLAB output images in the DMD via the HDMI using the GUI or otherwise.

Thanks for the help,


  • Hello Shruti,

    It sounds like you are wanting to use Video or Video Pattern Mode.  I assume you will display the output images in a window or full screen on the "second monitor" which will be the DLPLCR9000EVM.  

    The EVM guide is at this link:DLP LightCrafter 6500 and 9000 EVM User's Guide (Rev. D)

    Please reference §3.5 Video Mode on page 32.  You will need to set Pat Config to Dual Pixel Mode, and the IT6535 to HDMI on the Video Mode page.

    If you wish to use Video Pattern Mode you should use the same settings, but then go to Video Pattern Mode and look at §3.6.5 Creating a Pattern Sequence in Video Pattern Mode on page 42 & 43.  This will show you an example.