DLP5531Q1EVM: Control Program's I2C communication

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Part Number: DLP5531Q1EVM


When using the Cypress USB to I2C tool (IC: CY7C65215-32LTXI). DLPC230 Control program, the error code: 74 is displayed when reading the  DMD information. Unable to control DMD with I2C communication.

However, the .bin code can be programmed for FLASH.

Please help

Thanks.DLPC230 I2C 20190815.pptx

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  • Hi Samson,

    The DLP5531Q1EVM comes flashed with the current version of embedded software. Can you confirm what version you flashed to the EVM? Was this issue happening before or after you updated the flash?



  • In reply to JakePulliam:

    Hi Jake

    After updating Flash

    Embedded Software version



    DLP Composer (Automotive) 


  • In reply to Samson Lee:

    Hi Samson,

    Ok, thank you for the update. I need to do some investigation. It looks like the software is generating too many clocks but I'm not sure why. I'll need to see if I can replicate the issue first. I'll try to provide an update early next week.