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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help,

I'm trying to locate the DMD chip that was used in the NIKKO R2D2 DVD Projector as I need to replace it.

Cheers Leonard 

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  • Hi Leonard, 

    Thank you very much for your post!

    From doing some quick research online, I found the chip used in this product is the 0.55" XGA (1024 x 768) DMD. The closest product that we have available to mass market customers is the DLP550JE. 

    However, the most used in your system is likely in a different package, meaning this product wouldn't be compatible with your R2D2 projector. Please contact the manufacturer of the product to have them order you an exact replacement!



  • In reply to Brandon Seiser:

    Thanks, Brandon,

    unfortunately, the company went under some time ago, as only 1000 had been made owners are not that forthcoming with information.

    Cheers Leonard 

  • In reply to Brandon Seiser:

    Hi Brandon,

    I would have thought TI would have a record of this.

    Cheers Leonard 

  • In reply to Leonard Hughes:

    Are you able to safely remove and post a picture of the back of the DMD ?

    Carey Ritchey

    Texas Instruments

    Industrial Business Development Manager

    DLP® Enterprise & Cinema Display

  • In reply to Carey Ritchey:

    Thanks for the post, Carey I will attempt to remove it later today.

    Cheers Leonard 

  • In reply to Carey Ritchey:

    Hi Carey,

    I'm having difficulty accessing the DMD, still trying to figure out how to access and separate from other components. this is why it's difficult

    I'll keep you posted.

    Cheers Leonard