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DLPLCRC410EVM: Are 64bit version for "8055.D4100_usb.h" and "6562.D4100_usb.lib" available?

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Part Number: DLPLCRC410EVM

I've struggled to build DLPLCRC410EVM's control software using D4100_usb.dll, then I managed to build it by C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017).

But I'm facing a next new problem.

The *.lib & *.h files seem to be 32bit version.

Because I've got a linker error when build my C++ project with x64 configuration, while have no errors when build it with x86 configuration.

Then I am looking for their 64bit version in E2E forum, but could not find them.

Please, does anyone know where I can download them from?

  • Hello again Goro,

    This GUI was originally written as 32 bit.  I do not aware of any 64-bit version of the *.lib file.

    However, you should be able to run a 32-bit program in a Windows 64-bit OS.


  • In reply to Fizix:

    Hi, Fizix,

    I appreciate for your reply everytime.

    Yes, I know 32-bit program can be executed in Windows 64bit.
    But, the reason I need to link 64bit D4100 libraries is I want to build a code including 64bit OpenCV libraries.

    Does somebody reading this topic have any solutions?
    Any ideas can be helpful....