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DLP4710: v7px exportedproject first LED turn on issue

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Part Number: DLP4710

Enabling the LED using I2C after projector on, there is a short delay ( about 50ms) between the first half of the image and the second half of the image being shown. The first half of image also flashes beccause the LED current is differnt from the default curent setting.

Test condition:

1. TIRef_DPP3439_p47-1080P-TRP_v7p3p0-PAD3005-AC-Only.exportedproject or

TIRef_DPP3439_p47-1080P-TRP_v7p3p0-PAD3000-AC-Only.exportedproject or

TIRef_DPP3439_p47-1080P-TRP_v7p7p0-PAD3005-AC-Only.exportedproject or

TIRef_DPP3439_p47-1080P-TRP_v7p7p0-PAD3000-AC-Only.exportedproject or

2. LED default setting: LED off 

3. Source: external source or internal test pattern

  • Hello Jim,

    Is this on one of our EVMs or your board? Note that for specific support with projects themselves you will want to reach out to your local FAE instead of posting on the E2E forums.



  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Hi Kyle,

    The EVM should have some symptom. I will also reach local FAE to check this issue.



  • In reply to Jim Chen:

    Hi Jim,

    Please reach out to our local FAE. we will look in to this issue of yours.

    we are not seeing this issue on EVM.