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CCS / DLPLCRC410EVM: How to use Labview to control DLP4100?

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Part Number: DLPLCRC410EVM

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi all,

I want to use LABVIEW to control DLPLCRC410EVM+DMD7000,

Refer to other people's methods, use D4100_usb.dll file control DLP. If so, where would be the place to start with?

I am very strange to Labview. Would it be possible for me to get the Labview code sample of DLP4100.

Thank you so much!!!

  • Dear Kunlin,

        I just went through this exercise myself last week.  Once you have the .dll and .h files, you can use the share library import function ( Tools->Import->Shared Library (.dll) ) to automatically build VIs for each function in the dll. In order for it to import, I had to edit the .h file a little bit to put (void) for functions that had no input arguments. The header file had these with just empty brackets.  Even then, for some reason, the GetNumDev(void) function did not automatically import and I had to create it manually, which was easy using the other function VIs as a guide.

        The imported VIs seem to work, though one problem I asked about in my other thread on this forum.  It only works if I first run the D4100 Explorer GUI. Still trying to understand why.

      I have made a few enhancements and would be happy to share and collaborate with you. Please make contact if you are interested.



  • In reply to Albrecht Jander:

    Hello Kunlin,

    Please follow Albrecht's methodology.  He has had fairly good success.  You may want to follow his thread with me.