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DLP480RE: Looking for DMD with part number 1912-1132

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Part Number: DLP480RE

Hi E2E,

Good day.

We have a customer looking for the TI DarkChip 3 DMD with Resolution of 1920x1200 and a size of 0.95inch, with part number 1912-1132. The closest component that we found was DLP480RE which has a DMD part number of 1912-513AB. Refer to the section 11.1.2 Device Markings on the datasheet.
DLP480RE datasheet: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/dlp480re.pdf

Is the DMD with part number 1912-1132 is indeed DLP480RE? and that the “513AB” is an assembly related changes only? Is there a PCN that support this and can we provide this to the customer?

Appreciate your support on this.


  • Hello Art,

    The DMD with the part number 1912-1132 is our WUXGA 0.95" DMD that is not available on TI.com. The other DMD that you are mentioning, DLP480RE, is our 0.48" WUXGA DMD that is the same resolution but a different DMD altogether. 

    Please reach out to me, o-guevara@ti.com, so we can further discuss your request offline.


  • In reply to Oscar Guevara:

    Hi Oscar,

    Thanks for the information. I just sent you a separate email regarding this. 
    The email should be coming from ti customer support center.