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DLPDLCR2000EVM: EVM with Raspberry Pi3 B+ Screen Flicker / Glitch Issue

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Part Number: DLPDLCR2000EVM

When I connected Raspberry Pi 3B+ with EVM 2000, I can able to see the desktop, but the screen is flickering / glitch. I saw a related article about changing the GND pin from EVM to Rpi3 pin 6 (GND).


I don't understand which GND pin from EVM? Please provide the exact pin number. There are 5 GND pins in EVM P2 side.

  • Hello Gopinathan,

    The ground of the Pi should be connected to the ground of the EVM so the signals have a common ground. It doesn't matter which specific ground pin on the EVM is used as all of the grounds are electrically the same.



  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Thank you Kyle.

    Is ang other troubleshooting guide to solve the screen flickering issue ?

    This is annoying for me. Initially I tried with BeagleBond black, I felt the performance is not good, unable to play video or browser smoothly.

    Later I integrated with Pi 4B, but the display never turned ON, i2c detects on address 7 instead of 3.

    Again I tried with Pi3B+, now everything is Ok, except the flickering issue.

  • In reply to GOPINATHAN M:

    Hello Gopinathan,

    Did you attach the grounds of the two units? Additionally, if a different address is detected it should be simply changeable by software.