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operating DLP to generate multiple patterns with different frequencies


I have a quick question regarding the DLP. Can any of the DLP product in visible light range be operated with multiple waveforms, e.g. left part running at frequency f1 with pattern 1 and right part at frequency f2 with pattern 2? We hope to get DMD that can generate as much as possible (>5) binary patterns, each running at different frequency/frame rate for patterned illumination application. I saw in the forum that some of the product seem to provide individual control over pixels (DLP2010?) but I'm not sure about it. It looks to me that at least for some DLP (DLP9500) there are four LVDS buses for input and output of timing waveforms. 


  • Hello Qiye,

    It is possible for you to simply send a pattern to one half of the DMD at one rate and another half of the DMD at twice the pattern rate. While this isn't truly changing the mirror refresh rate, it does achieve an effective pattern rate at different speeds. Please let me know if that would work for your application.

    As far as DMDs that allow more precise control - I would recommend looking at our Advanced Light Control products (www.ti.com/.../products.html). I will be happy to help limit the options for you if you give me your desired specifications or use case (such as application, mirror frequency, resolution, etc.)

  • In reply to Kyle Rakos:

    Hi Kyle,

    Thanks for the answer. Do you mean I can send a simple geometric series of pattern rate to different section of the DMD without much of the advanced control? 

    We want to get high-resolution DMD for visible light that can generate many (>5) binary patterns, each running at different frequency (in the range of 0.1s to 10s kHz ) for patterned illumination application. The DMD will become a component in our microscope system for the illumination control. And thus the pitch size of the pattern on the sample should be partly controlled by the objective lens. I was looking at ALC products such as DLP9000x or DLP4710, which seem to have small micromirror pitch. But looks like the chipset family of DLP 4710 and DLP 3010 doesn't have a parameter of "pattern rate, binary (max)" in the datasheet.

    Let me know your suggestions. 



  • In reply to Qiye Zheng:

    Hello Qiye,

    You would need to send the full image to the DMD every time. You could just keep track on your front end when to update certain parts of the DMD with new patterns. However, I am unaware of the possibility of only sending information to parts of the DMD to update it at a different rate than the rest of the DMD. Let me know if you think that is acceptable.

    Assuming that is acceptable, you will probably want to look at the corresponding controller for the given DMD to figure out the maximum achievable rate. The DLP3479 is our upcoming controller for the DLP4710. It is planned to have a maximum 1D binary pattern rate of 1440Hz. If you are going to need something faster than that I will pass this query onto our industrial team. Please let me know.